Monday, November 15, 2010

Time to get busy

I haven't wrote about student teaching in a while so I thought I'd post myself a to-do list.  Note to self: stop procrastinating!  Anyway, I am loving student teaching right now.  Getting to teach everything is time consuming with all the other assignments I have to do combined but I love every minute of it.  I'm becoming much more laid back than I was at the being of student teaching.  At first I was all about my students not talking unless I gave them permission to and getting on to them constantly for not paying attention.  Now I'm letting them take responsibility for themselves.  As long as they aren't disturbing the learning of other students then I'm not wasting time fussing at students for every little thing.  I think it is making my students respect me more because they don't hear me getting on to people all the time.  Anyway, I need a list of all that I have to do this week so I don't forget so hear it goes.

1)  Finish this week's lesson plans
2)  Write last week's reflection
3)  Finish PDP
4)  Revise last component of Impact Project
5)  Combine all components of Impact Project to one PDF file
6)  Scan student work for Impact Project
7)  Make next week's lesson plans
8)  Create reading assesment for this week
9)  Contact registrar's office to make sure name is on list for graduation
10)  Make out graduation invitations
11)  Call for screening interview

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