Monday, February 20, 2012

Holt Lake BBQ

Joe and I went to Smithfield, NC this weekend to go to the Carolina Premium Outlets.  While we didn't find much at the outlets we did however find a great southern restaurant.  Joe had found great reviews on Holt Lake BBQ so we decided we would give it a try.  When we got there the line was backed out the door and for a non chain restaurant I was pretty surprised to see this.   We didn't have to wait too long though and the people in line were very friendly to talk to.  There were pitchers of tea waiting on us when we got seated.  Now since I come from Lexington where BBQ is what our town is known for I very rarely order BBQ anywhere else but since this place seemed to have such good reviews I decided to give it a try.  I ordered the BBQ and fried chicken combo with potato salad and french fries. I must say that I was impressed that the BBQ tasted as good as it did, the sauce to put it on it wasn't near as good as Lexington, but that was to be expected.  On the other hand, the fried chicken was some of the best I've tasted and the "tator salad" was just as enjoyable.  So for anyone ever traveling to Smithfield, I highly recommend a stop at Holt Lake BBQ.

We also made a stop to the Belk near by and each bought a new outfit.  Blue is definitely our color.

Sunday, February 19, 2012


Thanks to my new iPhone I have been taking a lot more pictures lately.  One of the best apps available is Instagram.  It helps you change the look of the pictures you take.  Here are some instagram pictures I took this week.

Now I'm hoping for some snow I can take pictures of!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Cheap Magazine Subscriptions

I just ordered a year of Time magazine for $2.  That's 56 issues for less than 3 cents an issue!!  They had other magazines you could order as well.  Check it out at:

Happy Valentine's Day

For Valentine's Day I made a Jeopardy game for Joe to play and he had to win to get his Valentine's present.  I got him a case for his cell phone and tickets to see the Beauty and The Beast in 3D which he had been wanting to see for a while.
He got me a really neat picture frame that was engraved.  I need to print a picture for it and then I'll post it on here. He also got me a heart shaped box full of Reese's. On our way to see Beauty and the Beast I got a call that I had a flower delivery.  He did a good job since I love pink. 
It wasn't fun having class on Valentine's Day but after class I went over to Joe's to play games and while I was playing he made me breakfast.  We eat breakfast food a lot together but this was even better than usual.  He tried to make the pancakes in the shape of a heart but the best part was that they were chocolate chip!  

Monday, February 6, 2012

Recent Top 5

 Lately I've been able to try a lot of places in Raleigh that I had been wanting to visit so I thought I'd start making 5 top lists every month.  This list mainly consists of places I went at the end of January and first couple days of this month. Please let me know of any places you think I should visit in Raleigh. I'm always looking for a new attraction or restaurant to try.

#5 NCSU vs Virgina Basketball game

This was the most exciting game I have been too.  We were jumping at the end in excitement, but still lost by a point to Virginia.
#4 Cheeseburgers at Char Grill 
Char Grill has been around Raleigh for many years.  It's considered one of the top 50 places in America to get a burger.

You fill out an order ticket outside then slide it through the slot to place your order.
#3 Sushi Nine
Buy one get one free Sushi.  I recommend the Wolfpack roll.  Very tasty!

#2 Volunteering for Special Olympics

Anyone that has some time in the day to spare should volunteer for Special Olympics.  It is a very rewarding experience.

#1 Picnic at Lake Johnson

One day this week it was almost 70 degrees so Joe and I had a picnic at Lake Johnson.  The dining room can't get any better than this!

Our picnic table got taken over after we ate and feed one some bread.