Saturday, August 21, 2010

Motivation to myself

This Summer I have learned a lot about myself and life.  I've mainly learned that only you can make yourself truly happy. Someone can walk into your life and bring more happiness but when they walk out you should still have happiness within yourself.  I'm not in a relationship anymore and there is an empty space there but I don't want anyone else to try and fill that void.  It's time for me to focus on what really makes me happy.  I have a lot to offer and I keep giving that part of me to whomever I think could be the right "one." Then, when things end up not working that joy inside me leaves for a while. I fall too hard too quickly but that won't be the case anymore.

I'm starting a new journey in my life now.  I only have one semester left of college before I graduate.  Student teaching has already begun and I can see that it will be very rewarding. I also have my new business up and running and it's great to work on it with my friends who are a part of it.  I am continually getting more involved in church.  I teach Sunday school and often do the Children's sermon.  Wednesday night bible studies will start up soon and I probably will participate in it as well.  All these things make up me and are things that can make me happy without having to have any guy in my life.  So to anyone who can't find true happiness in life just look at all the things that make up you. Stop looking for something else to make you happy. Rejoice in what you have now and don't dwell on life's problems. Life is too short for sadness.

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Kaitlin and Seth said...

Love the new blog layout! Very cute.

It's great to hear about the going ons in your life. I enjoy it. :)

I love your honesty and I am so glad you are looking within yourself for joy and happiness and not to a guy. Let God fill the hole in your heart and you will experience joy like no other!

Love you girl!

You are very encouraging to me! Keep your head up-