Saturday, April 30, 2011

Never Give Up

This month has been really tough for me. I don't really show it but there have been several times when I have wanted to give up. With a new job and starting to become more independent things just keep popping up and making life difficult. I love teaching so it's not just the new job, it's many other things.  It doesn't matter how nice or how hard I try I still get disappointed. Maybe my expectations are too high because of how excited I was about a brand new start.  There are times I wish I could just take a break away from everything for a while, but I know when I were to come back everything would still be here.  Hopefully things will be easier when I start a new job in August and start teaching at the beginning of a school year. I just like knowing what the future holds and lately everything has been so uncertain.  What I thought was one good constant in my life ending up not being what I thought it was.  There should really be a limit to how many times a person can be disappointed.  But even though I'm disappointed with the way some things are going now, I'm not giving up on what is important to me.  There is no way for me to see what the future holds, all I can do is pray about it.

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