Friday, October 29, 2010


Last Sunday I did a children's sermon that taught children that in order for us to show our thanks to God we should get out and help others.  By helping the needy we are showing God how thankful we are for all that he does for us.  After teaching this I thought to myself that I really should be doing more than what I have been doing. I have been doing my own devotions, praying more, getting more involved in church but I have still felt like God wants me to do more. So I am trying to show my thanks to God by doing what I can for the needy.

Tonight I went to the homeless shelter and helped feed them.  After serving them I fixed my own plate and sat down to talk with them.  It was really interesting to hear about their lives.  They are just normal families who aren't as fortunate to have what we have.  One girl that I talked to is turning 16 in November. I hope that I can go back around that time and get her something. Another mission project I'm doing starts on November 6th.  Our church will be doing our own extreme home makeover for a family in our community.  We are completely remodeling a house that needs a lot of repair. Right now we have about 150 volunteers from our church.   It's going to be great seeing the community work together. 

I will also be doing Operation Christmas Child this year. I'm trying to find any opportunity I can to give back to the community and anyone else who I can help.  I think it's so important as a Christian to not just say your a Christian but to get out and show God's love.  I'm really passionate about missions and God will bring me more opportunities to help others.  If anyone has any suggestions for missions projects, let me know.

And for people who may not have time to get out and do mission's projects remember that there are plenty of other ways to show God's love.  At school I try and just be a good role model to my students because some may not go to church or have parents who are always there for them. Everyday I try in some way to show to everyone of those kids that I love them.  They all know I am a Christian and by showing them I care they are seeing God's light shine through me.  I have had student's tell me how much it means to them that I show them that I care. I have even had a student write me a letter to tell me how much she appreciated me caring about her. You just never know who is watching you and you could make a difference in someone's life just by showing them that you are there for them. 

I'm not posting all of this to brag about what I'm doing. I want to look back on this and see how excited I have been now that I'm actually doing something. I don't want to ever stop helping others no matter how busy I may get. I also want whoever reads this to realize that even if you don't have a lot of money to donate to the needy you can still help out by donating your time and talents.

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