Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Labor Day Weekend

    I had a wonderful 3 day weekend.  Friday night I went out to eat with my parents. Saturday, I went to Salisbury with Mom and then worked the rest of the day. Sunday, I taught Sunday school and then our church had one big service.   After church I went to my sisters and we had pizza and watched "When In Rome." The pizza was great, we ordered it from a little pizza place in Granite Quarry called A Slice of Heaven.  We ordered a pizza with beef, pepperoni, green peppers and banana peppers.  The banana peppers make for a great pizza. If you have never tried them on your pizza I would definitely recommend trying it.  I would rate the movie "When In Rome" 4 stars.  It was really cute and it's in Redbox which makes it only a dollar to rent! Click here to see the movie trailer. It is a great time to rent from Redbox because you can get a free movie rental and be entered to win other great prizes.  I got a free Rental and also a Redbox t-shirt with my entry.  All you do is go to thanksabilliongiveaway.com and enter the code that is on your redbox dvd.  For a free redbox rental, you can also use the promo code BREAKROOM.  I'm not sure when it expires but I used it, got my free rental then entered the code and received a promotion code for another free rental and won the free t-shirt.
    On Labor Day my mom and I went shopping all afternoon.  We went to the Christian book store, the mall and to Hamricks.  I finally found some awesome jeans at Delias.  They ended up costing $40 but they are well worth it.  It's hard to find jeans that fit me and don't have holes or bleached stains on them.  I also bought some things are Hamricks to redecorate my room with.  I got a flameless candle with my initial on it and pink artificial flowers in a nice vase. Now I just need to find a few nice pictures for my wall. I also want this to hang on my door:  After shopping we grilled out at home which was very nice.  It was the perfect day for it.  We had Fillet Mignon which was delicious!
    I have a busy couple of weeks coming up.  Lots of meetings and get togethers.  I'm looking forward to it though, I love to be busy.  I need to get busy now. I have to plan a lesson on all the different kinds of fiction and non-fiction books for tomorrow.

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