Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Freebies & Thoughts

I thought I'd post a couple things that you can get for free with coupons this week.  Today I got 2 free SOBE lifewater's at CVS. They are on sale, BOGO (Buy One Get One) and you can play a game at to get a BOGO coupon to print out. This makes 2 waters free!

CVS also has Stride Shift Gum .99 and you can .99 ECB, making it free after Extra Care Bucks.  There was also a coupon from a May newspaper insert that was for Free Stride Shift Gum when you buy any Stride Gum which makes it an even better deal if you have this coupon saved.

Food lion has Nestle Nesquick for $1 this week.  You can print off a $1 coupon here,  making it free!

These are the only things I have found free this week.  You can go to to find other coupon deals.

Thought for the day:

I have been reading the book "The Walk" by Richard Evans. One paragraph really stuck out to me, it says "The thing is, the only real sign of life is growth.  And growth requires pain.  So to choose life is to accept pain.  Some people go to such lengths to avoid pain that they give up on life.  They bury their hearts, or they drug or drink themselves numb until they don't feel anything anymore.  The irony is, in the end their escape becomes more painful than what they're avoiding."

This is so true! If everything were to always be perfect than we wouldn't grow or learn anything.  Although at times it's hard to feel like our troubles will ever get any better, at least we can look down the road and know that we will grow from the pain we are in now.

And finally, my current favorite Christian song:

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