Saturday, July 9, 2011

A short vacation

My family and I got home from the beach yesterday afternoon.  The week absolutely flew by, I couldn't believe it was already time to leave.  The rain set in early in the morning so we left a little earlier than planned but that was alright because Michael and I went shopping!  The best things about our beach trip were:

We go see the one show almost every year.  I always enjoy it because they have a few different songs each year. My favorite songs are when they tap dance.  It makes me wish I would have stuck with clogging when I did it several years ago.

The Voyager Dolphin Cruise was also pretty neat since this year we actually saw dolphins.  Last year when me and Michael went it rained so hard while we were out that I was definitely ready to get back to shore.   We stood at the back of the boat for most of the trip.  The crew threw out a net and caught several shrimp, tongue fish, squid and sand dollars.  Once we got about an hour out in the ocean we got behind a big shrimp boat.  Right behind the boat were several dolphins.  If it weren't for that shrimp boat we probably wouldn't have seen any dolphins again this year.

While trying to find a place to eat one night we ended up a good 40 minutes from our condo.  At this point Michael just says to pick somewhere so I see this sign and the words "Voted  Best Ribs in Myrtle Beach" and we decided to stop.  We got seated fast and were given bread to start us off.  We split a full rack of ribs that fell right off the bone. Our meal also came with two sides so I got Au Gratin potatoes and Michael got fries.  My potatoes were great, and the fries, well fries are fries!  It was very tasty place to eat and wasn't too expensive.  I would definitely recommend this place if you are near it.  If you take your receipt to the Pacific beside it you get 10% off but it smelt like smoke in the Pacific so we didn't stay in there but for a minute.

Overall, I was glad we were all able to go to the beach this year.  The weather was very nice until Friday when it rained.  While I was there I also found out that I got into the Special Education program at NC State.  I knew I would be going there regardless because I was admitted as a Non-degree seeking student but to already be in the program makes things much easier and cheaper!

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