Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Raleigh Go-To List

I've been looking into different places I want to go to in Raleigh. I will have at least a good full year there so hopefully plenty of time to go to all the places on my list. To start with I want to try some different foods that I'm not used to like thai, asian and sushi. Here is my restaurant list thus far:


A European restaurant in Cary that seems to have a wide variety of food on their menu.  I would be interested in the trying the Chicken Prague which is "Chicken breast strips, sautéed with mushrooms, peppers, onions and zucchini, served with garnish and potato pancakes."

Ruckus Pizza

I've heard a few different people talking about this place.  I love a good slice of pizza so it's definitely a place I'd like to try.

Carolina Ale House

I've been wanting to go to Carolina Ale House and watch a game.  When hockey season comes around again I'm sure I'll go and watch a Carolina Hurricanes game there.  As for food, I have no idea what is good but I hear it is a fun to place to go and watch games.

The Borough

This place in Raleigh looks modern and has a menu that seems tasty but not too expensive.

Thai Villa

This Thai restaurant seems to have good reviews and good lunch specials.  The Cashew Chicken seems like it may be a safe option for my taste of Thai food.

I'm sure I will find many more places I want to try but for now these are the ones I've found online that seem good or ones that people have told me about.  If anyone lives in Raleigh and has some good suggestions for dining please let me know.

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Kristin said...

Places you should try:
Sitti (lebanese), Raleigh Times (best BBQ nachos ever), Poole's (kind of expensive but they have the best mac & cheese ever), Five Star (chinese and great for splitting apps or a meal), Dos Taquitos (best mexican food in Raleigh), Which Wich (great sandwiches). I could go on for days.