Saturday, October 8, 2011


Being a grad student has brought about so many new experiences.  It's hard to say which experiences have been the best but some moments I continue to think about are with the kids that I tutor.  There are days that it doesn't seem like I am getting anywhere with them and then when I least expect it they say something that tells me they finally got it!  It may be something as simple as figuring out a step in a math problem or understanding a phonics skill. But knowing that I'm making a difference in these kids who really struggle at times, means a lot to me. 

One really fun experience about NC State has been the football games.  State fans really get into the games and it is so fun being a part of the student section.  At the game today Scotty Mccreary sang the National Anthem which was pretty neat. 

Making new friends has also been great here.  A few weeks ago I made dinner for my roommates and a couple other friends.  It was so fun sitting down as a big group and having good conversation.  We even said a prayer before we ate.  Now that grad school is getting more intense we haven't had a chance to all eat together but hopefully we will be able to do it again soon.  Here is a picture of the table before we all sat down to eat.  

Another fun thing me and my roommates like to do together is get frozen yogurt.  Last week we tried frozen custard at Goodberry's but I think our favorite is still Freshberry's.  They have a flavor called Watermelon Sherbet which is absolutely delicious!

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