Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Rush Rush

I'm at the point in the semester where my brain feels like it could explode at any given moment.  I just finished midterms last night and have a test next week for an online class.  I finish one thing and don't have a second to breathe before having to move on to the next.  I was excited for grad school when I first started not only to learn about Special Ed but also to  make a lot of new friends.  The only time I have anymore to see people is if I'm at the library or in class. I tutor every night so that gets in the way of me going out with friends at night.  People ask me all the time, do you want to do this or that and of course I don't have time to.  My whole life seems like such a rush now.  It's do one thing and on to the next. My brain is in overload to the point that I can barely remember the little things I have to do, like checking the mail or doing my laundry so I have clean towels the next day.  I probably am pushing myself to hard because I want to have perfect grades.  I could slow down and settle for B's and make more time for myself but this is my last opportunity to prove to myself what I can do.  So if that means going crazy for a year then that's what I will do because in the end it will all be worth it.  I will be able to look back and say, I did my very best and there was not one more thing I could have done to make me more successful. 
I had a meeting this week with my adviser and she is pushing me to finish my degree next Summer.  I was very excited knowing how much money I will save and that I will be able to teach in the Fall.  On the other hand, that means next semester will be even busier then I am now.  I don't want to look back and say all I did in grad school was study.  While I'm in Raleigh I want to make the most of it, so I hope I'm making the right decision by choosing to complete my degree so quickly. 

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