Thursday, October 20, 2011

NC State Fair

I had my first visit to the NC State fair today.  Me and my friend Joe went together which was a nice break from all the studying I had been doing lately.  It was hunger relief day so we brought 4 can foods and got in free.  The first thing we did was watch the folk festival.  I was pretty happy about getting to some cloggers.  We didn't watch too long because we wanted to see everything else.  But I did find a video from last year of NCSU's cloggers.  They are pretty awesome! 

We then walked around forever trying to decide what to eat.  Of course, I couldn't make up my mind with all the choices. Joe probably was ready to eat anything by the time I made my mind up. The only fried food I really considered was the Fried Reese's, but I stayed away and got chicken on a stick and fries.  I guess my food looked tasty so Joe got it too.  I walked away from lunch for $8.  Not bad considering some of the other pricy options they had.  A jumbo turkey leg would have been $8 on it's own.  I have to admit they looked pretty scrumptious though.  
After eating lunch we walked through some of the exhibits and saw a bike stunt show.  We saw the world's largest egg and some other cool things in the new Science Exhibit.  We later came across a ventriloquist.  He was pretty funny with his duck puppet.  Although, after a while he started to sound a lot like Jeff Dunham with his acts.  I ended up getting a frozen banana later on and Joe got some ice cream.  The food is what going to the fair is all about!
The State Fair was overall a good experience. It wasn't too crowed and we both had a fun time.  Now it's back to work...

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