Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Bucket List

During class one night I started writing down a bucket list.  Yes, I am capable of still listening and writing at the same time.   So here are some things that I really wanted to accomplish before I die and preferably before the age of 40.

1.  Learn Spanish
2. Learn Sign language
3.  Travel out of the country
4.  Advocate for a cause
5.  Go on a missions trip
6. Go Ziplining
7. Make a dessert of my own from scratch
8. Take a cooking class
9.  See a Broadway play
10. Help someone make their wish come true
11.  Read the entire bible
12. Get married to someone I'm madly in love with
13.  Watch all the classic Disney movies and keep a record of their morals to use for teaching
14.  Ride a horse on the beach
15.  Ride in a hot air balloon
16.  Take a road trip across the US
17.  Kiss someone I love in the rain
18.  Be at Times Square on New Years Eve
19.  Go see the I Love Lucy Museum

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