Wednesday, November 9, 2011

A Beautiful Raleigh Day

Today me and my friend Joe went out and enjoyed the Fall day.  It was such a gorgeous day, right at 70 degrees and sunny.  The leaves are at that their color peak so it was fun to see them.  We first went and played disc golf at the park beside where Joe lives.  I am terrible, but I didn't throw the disc into any creeks or the road, so that was good.  
After we played disc golf we played tennis.   I don't think I was as bad at tennis as I was with disc golf, but I guess we could ask Joe to see what he thinks......(After asking Joe on facebook what he thought, he paused for a while and then says disc golf) So I guess I'm not very good at either. haha, but I do find tennis to be more fun. I like fast past games the best.
The best part of the day was Lake Johnson.  We  walked through one of the nature trails and took some great pictures.  Joe tried to help me learn how to skip rocks on the lake.  I think out of about 10 rocks maybe I got 2 to skip. 

I love that you can see the clouds in the water.
Our reflection in the lake

Lots of ducks
Joe & I

A beautiful Fall day

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