Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Back In Raleigh

After a few weeks at home for the break it is so nice to be settled back into Raleigh.  On Sunday I went to the NCSU vs Maryland basketball game with my roommates.   It was a great game and State ended up winning.   Tonight I went to Piola with Callie where we ate some great Italian pizza.  I got a pizza called the Rossa which had tomatoes and basil on it.  It was very good and the best part is that I have plenty for lunch tomorrow!

Classes have started for the semester and I'm pretty excited about it.  I think I will be learning a lot this semester which hopefully won't become too overwhelming.  I am taking 2 online courses and 2 courses on campus.  So far I have plenty of reading to do for next week which is always fun.  I'm very glad that I'm interested in my courses otherwise I don't know if I could survive this much textbook reading.  

I still need to start getting up earlier, I've gone to bed way too late recently which doesn't help getting much done in the mornings.  Tomorrow I plan on getting everything organized for my classes and creating a schedule outlining when all my assignments are due and when I need to read for each class. Staying organized is the key to doing well in graduate school. 

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