Sunday, April 4, 2010

Bucket List

First of all, I'd like to wish everyone a very Happy Easter. I just got back from my lunch at my aunts and I am going to my grandmas later. We had a great church service today. The main message was that their is HOPE because the tomb is empty!

I am beginning to recover after the break up with Lewis. I have realized that this is a chance to do things that I want to do for me. So I am putting together a list of things I want to do before I start my career.

Here's my bucket list so far:

1. Go an girl's trip. Hopefully me and some friends will take a trip this Summer to the beach or Washington D.C.
2. Play golf. I love putt, putt so why wouldn't I love golf. I might really stink at it but I want to play even just one game.
3. Kill something. Yes that sounds a little harsh but I want to kill a deer, dove or turkey. I chickened out the past two years at shooting a deer so I want to get over that.
4. Gain some weight. Yeah I know that's silly to put on a bucket list and most of you are probably saying "I would love to have that problem." But I'm tired of being so little and would love to put on a few extra pounds and actually look my age.
5. Plan a party. No, not a drinking/crazy party. I'd love to have a pool party at my house with some sort of theme and invite all my friends. I love to decorate so I would love to find cute things for a themed party.
6. Have my OWN garden. I want my own garden where I do all the work from planting to harvesting to cooking the vegetables.
7. Get back into playing piano. I have took at least 6 years of lessons and haven't played much at all since I've been in college. I'd love to start taking some more lessons and get back into playing.
8. Start a class. I had my own bible study in high school at my church. I'd love to do this again when I get out of college.
9. Try anything new. I want to experience everything I possibly can so I want to make it a point to try new sports or hobbies.

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