Sunday, January 9, 2011

What I'm Listening to

I just got done listening to the Carolina Hurricanes game on the radio.  They won in overtime 4-3 against the Thrashers.  Erik Cole scored the winning goal 2 minutes into overtime!

I'm pretty excited that I found this shirt at Marshall's last week. I haven't ever seen any hurricanes clothes there.  It was only $9.99 and I had a gift card.  Score!

The song that I am listening to on repeat is "Country Strong" by Gwyneth Paltrow.  Felicia and I are hopefully going to go see this movie soon.  I love the part from this song that says "You may fool me, and I’ll fall, But I won’t stay down long."  Here is the music video:

I am going with some friends to Winter Jam on Feb. 5th.  There are going to be several Christian bands there so I've been listening to some albums from the artists that are going to be there. Kutless is one of the bands that will be there.  They have a lot of good songs but one that I really like is called "To know that you're alive." You can listen to it here.

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Samantha said...

The song "Country Strong" was a bluegrass song. The original version is awesome and I absolutely love it. That might be on YouTube too.