Monday, January 17, 2011

Tell me NY....

I will be visiting NY with my sister and best friend Felicia at the end of the month.  I have wanted to go to New York for so long.  Felicia and I actually talked in high school about wanting to take a Senior trip there.  Although that didn't happen we are excited to be going now.
I want to know about the glitz and glam that makes this city "never sleep."   So here are some things that I plan to find out for myself while in NY.

1)  Does NY really have some of the best pizza?
2)  What is so great about NY water? Does it really taste different than ours?
3)  Is the skyline really breathtaking?  After living in the mountains I really wonder how a city skyline can compare.
4) What is this frozen custard?
5) Are New Yorker's really as rude as people make them out to be?
6)  What does NY smell like with all the business's they have?

I know I have had many more but just can't think of them right now.  I'll add on to my list later.  I am also going to be in the audience of the Martha Stewart Show.  I'm excited to see what the show will be about, I'm hoping she does some really unique crafts and giveaways something nice.

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