Thursday, August 25, 2011

The Value of Organization

I have now been to all of my classes and received all of my course syllabuses.   When I went to my first on campus class I will admit I was a bit overwhelmed.  That course alone requires a chapter of reading every week and a paper to go along with it, on top of many other projects and readings.  The class I went to the next night provided a syllabus with same amount of work, if not more projects. After having a mild freak out at the amount of work I will be doing, I decided to get very organized.  I have my google calendar updated with all of my assignments and I have my personal planner color coded by class.  Today I finished all the work I needed to do for my online class this week and tomorrow I will start on my papers due next next.
I guess the key to succeeding in grad school is making the best use of all of your time.  I try to get everything done for school during the day then have time to relax or hang out with friends in the evening.  Last night I was able to cook for my roommates and other friends.  It was a good time and nice to get away from the books.

Other happenings this week include an earthquake!! Yes, we felt an earthquake here in North Carolina.  I was sitting in my living room and first I heard the door rocking like someone was tapping on it.  Then I saw our ceiling fan start to shake vigorously. I really was worried it was going to come off the wall.  So I got up and looked out the window thinking maybe it was really storming.  Then I thought maybe the neighbors upstairs were playing loud music.  Well, I was wrong because my friend Felicia who was in Greensboro called to ask me if I felt shaking.  I turned on the news and then found out that there was a 5.8 earthquake in Virgina.  Here is a picture of a food mart in Mineral, VA where the earthquake was.  

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