Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Fluency/Punctuation Strategy

 One of the students I tutor struggles with stopping at punctuation while reading.  Today I came up with a strategy to help him better visual what to do at punctuation in a story.  I drew a stoplight and had him tell me what each color of the stoplight meant.  We then drew a period, exclamation mark and a question mark in the red light, a comma in the yellow light and capital letters in the green light since they occur at the start of each sentence.  I then had him use colored pencils to color over each of these things in a reading passage.  It was a great visual for him to see when to stop and take a breath when reading.  I also used hand motions to show him when to stop, pause and go.  I did these while he read the passage and then had him use them while I read.  This really helped him and I'm hoping after a lot of practice with seeing these colors he will eventually begin to use punctuation correctly on his own.

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