Monday, March 5, 2012

Easter Egg Guided Reading

I bought several Easter eggs because I knew there would be many things I can use them for with the students I tutor.  I mainly bought them to use with literacy activities.

Motivation with Guided Reading:

Easter Eggs
Guided Reading Questions cut into small strips
Small Rewards (stickers, candy, free time pass, etc)

Using this strategy:
 I took guided reading questions and cut them into small strips to put inside the Easter Eggs.  Since I tutor students who really struggle with reading I wanted to add a bit of motivation.  I put small rewards into just a few of the Easter eggs.  After we read a few pages together I will stop and have the student pull out a Easter egg from my bag.  Then I will have them answer a question or if it is a reward I will still ask them "What do you like about this book so far?"  After answering the question we will continue reading until the next stopping point where they will then pick another Easter egg.

I'd love to hear of other ways to use Easter eggs in the classroom or with individual students.

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