Monday, March 19, 2012

Word Work Game

This week Walgreen's has Easter tumblers on sale for 6 for $1.  I got six of them in three different colors because I knew I would be able to create some kind of game with them.  I decided to use them as a way to reinforce spelling words.   I cut index cards in half and wrote the spelling words of the student I tutor on them.  Under each cup I will place an index card, making sure to remember what word is under each cup.  I will then give my student clues for each cup to see if he can guess the word that is hidden under the cup.  For example, I may say, "Under the blue cup is a word that rhymes with joint," or "Under the green cup is a word that means to gain knowledge through reading and it also starts with the st blend."  After he guesses all the words under the cups I will have him choose different words to place under cups and give him the chance to create clues for me to guess the words with.

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