Saturday, March 17, 2012

Teaching Spoken Language

Currently in my Functional Academics course, we are learning about teaching spoken language skills.  I learned a few strategies to help children who are not wanting to speak often.  First, give them choices they have to make and do not give them the materials for their choice unless they verbalize what choice they want.  Another idea is to put things out of reach that they will have to ask for.  A third strategy is to put a lot of objects in their environment that they are interested in to spark conversation.

Other things I am learning about spoken language include language development.  It was interesting to learn that for some children they will not learn how to properly voice all sounds until they are 8 years old and this can be normal.  The sounds "sh", "r" and "z" are usually the last sounds to develop.

Finally, I learned some websites for language instruction.  Here are a few of them:
Education World
Read, Write, Think
Lesson Plan Page

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