Thursday, June 23, 2011

Hello Raleigh!

I am now moved into my new apartment in Raleigh.  It seems very nice so far.  It has been quiet and there has always been plenty of parking but I can't say too much now because I know classes haven't started.  My first full day in Raleigh I went to Harris Teeter for Super Doubles.  I am very lucky to have a HT only a minute down the road.    I got everything in the picture below for $1.40.   I was going to do a lot more coupon shopping but after moving I've been too tired this week.

 Today I had my first interview in Raleigh.  I think it went well, they really didn't ask too many questions.  I would really prefer a part time job although today my interview was for a full time job.  I don't that I would be really happy working 40 hours a week and also going to school.

I went to downtown Raleigh today.  It was the closest thing to NYC that I've been to since February.  Me and a friend walked around and just looked at all that downtown Raleigh had to offer.  I am pretty excited about all of the NY style pizza places there are.  I will definitely be checking it out soon.  Downtown Raleigh also has theaters and auditoriums so if I ever wanted to go to a show I'm sure I could find something.

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Anonymous said...

That's exciting - welcome to Raleigh! You are standing in front of my building at work. :)