Friday, June 10, 2011

I survived the 6th grade!

My teammate & I at field day!
Today was the last day of school!  I have so many mixed emotions that I don't know how I feel.  There is happiness for it being Summer, sadness because I won't see my Gators anymore, worry because I don't have a job lined up yet for Raleigh & anticipation for the next journey of my life to begin. Either way, I made it through a half year of teaching sixth grade.  It was a great experience that I learned more than I thought I would from.  I'm thankful for every day I spent at Central.  Now I'm super excited to start graduate school.  I am still waiting to see if I get in the Special Education program for the Fall.  If I get in that will take off a lot of current stress. It is going to be so awesome studying something that I have such a strong passion about.  For the first couple years of undergrad you take classes that you really don't care much about but in grad school I will be taking classes that all pertain to what I am wanting to do, so I can't wait!

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