Tuesday, December 14, 2010

I just graduated!

It is so hard to believe that I am now an Appalachian graduate.  It feels like I just started at Appalachian and now I have already earned my Bachelors degree!  Graduation weekend was pretty interesting.  We got a hotel at the Broyhill Inn on Saturday night.  It snowed probably 4 inches before graduation that morning.  We watched out the window as they tried to scrape the roads but the snow was coming down so fast they could hardly keep it clear.  We finally got to graduation and dad dropped me off at the door.  It was a good thing because it was freezing.  The ceremony was nice and I'm very glad I attended.  It was great seeing the people who I became close to during my Appalachian journey.   After the ceremony I decided I would walk back to the car which was in Rivers Street Parking deck.  This is a nice walk from the convocation center which was not fun at all when the sidewalk was slippery, I wasn't wearing a coat and it was snowing.  So now that I'm no longer a student I changed my blog title from "Senior Year" to "After Appalachian."  Hopefully soon I'll be able to blog about a new job!

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