Thursday, August 5, 2010

Free & not so free....

Yesterday morning my mom and I stood in line to get a free goodie bag from All About Education. It's a store on Main Street that carries all kinds of supplies for teachers. We got their about 9:15 and there were already probably 40 people in line and they didn't open till 10. While waiting in line The Olde Homestead, another shop on Main street, came by and gave everyone free Vera Bradley items. I got paper clips and a backpack keychain. I bought myself a cute lesson plan book in the store once we finally got in. Here is a picture of most of the stuff that was in my goodie bag. I also got a catalog and some other little books. It was worth the wait!

So while I like free things, there are also those things that I like to spend a little extra money on.  Me and both of my Felicia friends went shopping this weekend.  We went to TJ Maxx and all found Kathy Van Zeeland handbags we loved.  My cousin Felicia ended up getting a white leather bag and I ended up with a purple and white zebra striped bag. 

I have to work till 10:15 tonight which I'm not looking forward to.  I'm going to go to Walmart now and get some more beads to make some more jewelry with.  I should have a lot more up on my Etsy store soon.  Felicia is working on taking some pictures of her bracelets to put up.

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