Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Tyro Tidbits

I have been working the past couple days to put together a new website for the store me and my two best buds have been working on.  We have made a lot of jewelry for it so that is the majority of what we have up for sale right now.  We are now working on putting up some other crafts we have made.  It will basically be a shop with any crafts we make from home decorations to gifts.  To the right is a picture of one of my favorite items we have.  It is a chalkboard coffee cup made with black chalkboard paint and a pink trim.  We are all really excited about our store.  I think we have some cute ideas for different items for our store.  I just hope we are charging enough to profit from. Shipping can be so expensive.  Either way we are having a great time with it and helpful it will go well.

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