Friday, August 27, 2010

Week 1 Down...14 more to go!

Student teaching has been a breeze this week. I'm sure it's the easiest week I will have.  I have assignments due tomorrow by noon that I need to get on but for this week they aren't too bad.  I'm really enjoying my 5th grade class.  The students are really sweet and have good manners.  My cooperating teacher has a great personality and will be a lot of fun to work with.
My favorite thing that I've done with them so far is help them pick out books.  They have their own book basket that they keep at least 3 books in.  There are some kids that just don't like to read so they have had a hard time deciding what to read.  Hopefully I can help some of them start to enjoy reading by helping them find books that interest them.  My cooperating teacher told me about a teacher who organizes her classroom really well.  Her name is Beth Newingham and here is her website.  I'm going to try and collect all the resources I can get so that I will have them when I start teaching.
14 more weeks till I graduate.  I'm enjoying student teaching but I can't wait to have my own classroom!  Let's pray that I find a job in January.

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